Financial Planning Talk by Mr. Sheng, Sec-Gen of StartUp Borneo

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Financial Planning Talk by Mr. Sheng, Sec-Gen of StartUp Borneo

KUCHING (October 3rd): PhillipMutual has organized a talk on Financial Planning. Members of ENACTUS UNIMAS was invited to the event and Mr. Sheng who is Secretary-General of StartUp Borneo was the guest speaker for the event.

Figure 1: Asset Allocation presented by Mr. Sheng.

Speaker of the event, Mr. Sheng is also a member of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) said that financial planning must start at a  young age especially in our 20’s. He advised that people should not waste money on something that it is unnecessary or not beneficial for our future.

Figure 2: ENACTUS UNIMAS and StartUp Borneo had a group photo at the talk event.

Anyone can start as minimum as RM100 for a unit trust funds provided by PhillipMutual.

Figure 3: Information distributed at the talk event.

ENACTUS UNIMAS as students and entrepreneurs community could also benefit from helping anyone who require advise or support and sharing with the community about the information gathered from the talk.

Figure 4: Over-Spent presented by Mr. Sheng.

Feel free to reach out to ENACTUS UNIMAS through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EnactusUnimas.

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